Ideas & IP

New ideas, including products, Apps, software, and the written word, can be protected using Intellectual Property (IP) protection processes. Protecting new ideas in this way can help to drive commercialisation, and as a result, improve patient care by turning great ideas into reality.

Intellectual Property (IP) is a legal framework that protects ideas, concepts, innovations, and the results of mental effort. IP rights grant a monopoly right over the idea so that the owner of the IP rights can stop others from using it without permission.

IP is an important part of innovation in healthcare because it enables the owner to maintain control of their idea, whilst also helping to prevent others from commercialising the innovation without their permission. In turn, this helps to transform the idea into something real and tangible, helping to improve patient care and drive economic growth.

Holding IP rights to an innovation can be important when looking to attract broker investment and development opportunities, and it can be a key part in the development of the business case.

There are various different categories of IP:

  • Patents – protects functionality (how something works)
  • Trademarks – protects branding
  • Designs – protects how something looks
  • Copyright – protects the expression of an idea
  • Know-How – protects occupational knowledge

Support to help innovators navigate the IP landscape is available as part of The Innovation Pathway.

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