Expert Feedback

Clinical Feedback from local NHS organisations and social care is crucial and informs the development of new innovations. It is important the innovations are assessed early by the end users to ensure they are designed correctly to meet clinical need.

When developing an innovation it is important that you use the feedback from clinical teams along the journey of development. At the outset, you are establishing whether your innovation will add value, if it can be used as intended and gain an understanding of the potential impact. This will start to influence your development plan. Clinical teams may on occasion suggest that you have not quite got it right, this feedback is incredibly valuable, understanding the changes that need to be made at an early stage enables you to develop an innovation that will be used and add value.

Having a broad range of clinical input is often helpful to ascertain whether it would work in different settings, different sizes of organisations or whether it is linked to a key focus or a narrow market. This helps in gaining an understanding of the target market and whether the innovation is likely to be used in the NHS as expected.

The key opinion leaders will often be your sites for evaluation and testing, and your advocates when it comes to adoption and spread so it is important that you are able to get feedback from and build a relationship with clinical teams. It is also important that any feedback from clinical teams is taken along the journey of development, from the outset when testing if the innovation will add value, whether it will be used as intended and have an understanding of the impact and whether the impact is as expected. This would influence your development plan. If clinical expertise suggests further work, or development, is required, this should be considered seriously. If it is perceived that an innovation would not add value this could be a hindrance to further development and ultimate adoption of the innovation.

Help in identifying clinical teams via a number of different routes can be obtained through the ecosystem partners.

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