Real World Validation

Real world evaluation / validation is informed by regional and local NHS needs. It seeks to provide the information and evidence needed to enable adoption of the innovation in a variety of settings.

One of the most important elements of what you will do along your innovation journey is test how your innovation works in the NHS and does it work how you expect it to, but more importantly, how do you make sure you understand the value it brings and where that value is seen.

Evidence generation provides an element of insight, however, if this is done through clinical trials, this is via a controlled setting and will determine if your innovation works as intended, is safe and meets regulatory standards. It does not evaluate how it will work in the real world. Real-world evaluation looks at the holistic impact of the innovation to maximise your ability to sell and spread your innovation more widely.

The Ecosystem is keen to support businesses and teams with an innovative and novel product or service to develop Real World Validation projects.

The health ecosystem in the North East is one of collaboration and sits against a backdrop of clinical excellence, research and trials expertise and capability. Working across the system, we can facilitate the design, roll out and evaluation of innovations in a real world setting, working closely with local health care settings and; providing innovators with the right evaluation and evidence to move their product or service to the next stage.

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