Internet of Caring Things


National Innovation Centre for Ageing – Internet of Caring Things Programme


We aim to support North of Tyne businesses to leverage the opportunities related to the growing Internet of Things market, dedicated to helping people live longer and healthier lives and stay more connected to their network of support.

What do we mean by Caring Things?

Devices and services that care for the user just as much as the user cares for them. The Internet of Caring Things (IoCT) harnesses electronics, software, digital and data technologies to improve the lives of everyone. Connected objects that serve consumers’ most important needs.

Together we are developing the first network of connected objects and cognitive systems with a clear mission: to actively care for people and what matters to them.

Services we offer

  • Sector expertise
  • Market Assessment
  • Citizen Insights (VOICE®)
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Consultancy Support