Insights North East

Rachele Salvatelli


Insights North East is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Northumbria University, the NHS, North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council. Insights North East will harness the investment in research and regional knowledge assets for the long-term benefit of the North East by: producing accessible and actionable insights for policymakers; and developing capacity and capability so that this becomes a sustainable, embedded, and systemic activity. Insights North East will focus on inclusive growth, transition to net zero, health and well-being, with a cross-cutting focus on data.

INE takes a strategic approach to bridging the gap between place-based policy and academic research by:

  1. Environment scanning: building connections to tune into policy problems
  2. Developing pipeline ideas: meshing together academic and policy expertise to identify opportunities
  3. Triage and brokerage:  Assessing and producing actionable insights
  4. Project delivery: delivering projects that are co-created and iterative
  5. Action research: continuous learning helping evolve the process over time
  6. Capability and capacity: developing cadre of policy evidence engagement specialists for the future

Services we offer

  • Actionable Insights
  • Co-creation of projects with policymakers
  • Investment to build capacity and capabilities
  • Coordination and mapping of knowledge assets and expertise
  • Compile new and existing research

Support we offer

Please note for the Pathway Support Areas: we are more focussed on system-level policy impact, which means that our work is likely to cut across these areas. We are also seeking to play a regional level coordinating role, which again is probable more cross-cutting.

Offer for Academics:

  • Capacity and capability to work with academics to translate policy relevant research.
  • Pull together interdisciplinary expertise centred on specific and user-led policy challenges.
  • Facilitate dialogue between policy makers, practitioners and community groups that will help to shape future research agendas, hard wiring pathways to impact from the outset.
  • Training and secondment opportunities for both academics and policymakers to improve capabilities for policy and research engagement.
  • Funding for new research where there are gaps in the evidence base.

Offer for Policymakers:

  • Accessible and actionable insights to support investment of public funding.
  • Support to design future policy interventions based on rich multi-disciplined evidence base about what works.
  • Investment to build capacity and capability of region for the long-term.
  • A stronger and more distinctive North East voice in national policy debates, optimally positioning the region for topic driven UK Government funding.
  • Coordination and mapping of knowledge assets from universities and from key policy making organisations in the North East.
  • A cross-system approach focussed on the core, and inter-related challenges facing the region in the 21st century.
  • Triage and diagnostic function that will match areas of policy evidence need with research expertise.
  • Secondments into academia and across other policy organisations.