The ultimate aim of any innovation will be the adoption and spread of the product or service in the NHS. Procurement facilitates this transaction and is an area that is highly governed by regulations to ensure there is open and transparent buying across the NHS.

Understanding the right procurement route is very important and will typically start at the value proposition phase of your journey.

Procurement is an important part of the journey along the innovation pathway. The procurement teams in the NHS require open and transparent purchasing of products and services. They are bound by public procurement regulations and each organisation has standard financial instructions that dictates how purchases are made.

There are numerous ways in which products and services are bought, the easiest of which is through a compliant framework.

Frameworks ensure compliance with all the governance checks and make sure that the relevant regulatory checks have been undertaken. NHS providers are then free to use these frameworks to buy your product or service. The NHS can also buy their own services through other routes and having access to the NHSBSA Contracts Finder will help alert you to those opportunities. Finally, direct awards or small tenders for under £25k can also be made.

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