Idea Development

Once an idea has been assessed, HI NENC and partners provide a range of services to further develop the innovation to become a viable proposition for future evaluation.

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Skilled team members guide the innovator through the process of defining the value and potential of the innovation, and can identify opportunities for patient involvement to shape its development.

In addition, the innovator will benefit from services that can ensure the innovation is developed in line with NHS requirements for sustainability, and advise on possible adaptations to fit the Net-Zero Carbon standards required by NHS procurement. Where appropriate, the team, and partners, will develop prototypes of the innovation for evaluation and facilitate engagement with partners to further refine the innovation.


Innovation Design Service

The HI NENC Innovation Design Service (IDS) supports clinical teams, businesses, and operational teams with the tools they need to rapidly discover innovative ideas and solve ‘Big Problems’.

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If you would like to find out more about how HI NENC can support your business and the support available via the Innovation Pathway, please email our Pathway Navigators at [email protected]