Knocking Down Barriers to GP System Integration

Speed: Access the NHS market in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.

Value: We’ve perfected GP system integration, so you don’t need to invest in specialist development skills and you tap into our shared infrastructure for deployment at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Simplicity: Just one standards based integration required for access to EMIS, SystmOne and Vision/Cegedim (coming soon) via the IM1 transactional and partner interfaces.

Quality: Our secure FHIR environment allows accurate data to flow safely in both directions between your app and the GP record, giving clinicians complete visibility of patient care.


Services we offer

  • GP record system integration for health and care apps
  • Personal Demographics Service
  • Accreditation Support
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Authentication Service integrated with NHS CIS

Support we offer

We offer all our customers the following support:

  1. Development: information flow mapping and technical support for development against our APIs
  2. Accreditation:
    1. GP record system integration: we have already completed half of the task and work with our customers to complete the other half that relates to their app, smoothing and speeding up the accreditation process.
    2. PDS: we have agreed the accreditation requirements with NHSE and conduct the assessment.  We have a shared interest in speed without compromising quality and clinical safety.
  3. Implementation: we have managed roll-outs across populations greater than 10 million and 15,000 users.  We bring this experience and expertise to your deployment whatever the size.
  4. Ongoing third-line support: our solutions are fully documented so local support can deal with the vast majority of user queries.  With access to our documentation, your support desk can manage most of the rest, secure in the knowledge that xycare support is always available to an agreed SLA.

Eligibility criteria

Your app will need to meet a number of criteria before the accreditation process can be completed.  These include:

  1. System architecture
  2. Information flows and information governance
  3. Is your application a medical device?
  4. Penetration testing
  5. Auditing
  6. DCB0129 clinical risk management.

None of these are required to get started and we can support you in meeting the requirements.


There are no funds available for integration outside the funding that app developers can access for the development and testing of their app.  For many applications, integration is an absolute requirement either from commissioners and/or from users.