Vision Achievement and the Achievement Academy are dedicated to helping people make transformations – in their careers and in their working places. Our focus is to help people perform better, through mentoring, coaching, consulting.

We have been operating since 2013 and have clients across the globe. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we are great supporters of innovation and performance excellence and we focus in healthcare and life sciences. Our teams work in all forms of people-support – talent development, talent acquisition and cultural development.

What sets us apart is our approach based on the culture of organisations our clients work with, or for. We do not deliver generic training – our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual or organisational client. Our founders have worked in healthcare and life sciences for an accumulated 40 years and have led major organisations.

We believe that culture underlies the difficulties (and therefore the solutions) that people face every day. Our interventions identify what that culture is and how an innovation can be designed, planned and implemented successfully. We simplify the complex and demystify the complexity of culture to define a target model that everyone welcomes and adapts to with ease.

Services we offer

  • Cultural Assessment for Change
  • Identification of Unmet Need - Patient and Providers Perspectives
  • Facilitation of Pathway and Opportunity Identification
  • Regulatory Affairs Advisory - focus on devices and IVDs
  • Quantifying the Benefit of a Major Transformation (new solution, pathway or equipment)

Support we offer

Our Support of Innovation

People are at the heart of organizations. The more effectively they can work, and work together, the more successful the organization will be. Satisfaction with work is enhanced when people are working effectively. Complete cultural integration between the old and the new, however, offers the chance for people to become fully engaged at work – often the key ingredient between good and outstanding in overall performance.

Our work uncovers the met and unmet expectations of all stakeholders – users, providers, suppliers, investors, and regulators. It is between the specialties that we excel, understanding the opportunities and barriers that prevent smooth, efficient, and people-pleasing results. We don’t stop there, however. We then take the ideal models and reduce them to their simplest form, so that change clearly brings benefits that are easier to understand and easier to adopt. We facilitate the human side of innovation.

We work as the “other” MDT – a multi-disciplinary team that supplies all the skills necessary to assist clinical MDTs and other health and care providers to make positive change happen, and stick. Our methods have been developed over the past 25 years and we are very proud of the changes we have facilitated. Our mission is developing people, inspiring humanity – so working with us, you will learn what we do and we will support you as you try out new techniques.

Idea Assessment


Our team of psychologists and process gurus design short but effective tools that include surveys, group interviews and direct observation to help understand the cultures of a specific area, or an organisation that is undergoing innovative change. We create a set of ‘personas’ that help the design teams understand what change mechanisms would be most appropriate for each stakeholder group to move from the current model to the target model. The cultural assessment is succinct and informs design criteria at the right time.

We support the cultural change throughout by continually measuring the effectiveness of the change in culture as well as the outcomes – providing essential qualitative metrics in support of the full business case.

Unmet Needs

Unmet needs are often the catalyst to innovation itself. It is essential to capture as many needs as possible when designing and implementing a change. For example, in healthcare, our process experts ‘walk the process’ from the perspective of patient, family member, clinician, healthcare support staff, regulator and other stakeholders to identify and prioritise the unmet needs discovered. Our experience shows that the more new ‘benefits’ on offer, the easier the implementation and the more willing people become to adapting.

We support the facilitation of change by frequent challenge in design/redesign work to ensure that the unmet needs are addressed and the excessively strong pull of the status quo is nullified.

Idea Development

Value Proposition

Innovating for better population health means finding value in many more dimensions than a normal business case would cover. Our teams help identify all the benefits and translate these into real cost benefits through an understanding of the full patient pathway as a component of population health. No matter how large or small your part is in the overall pathway, we can identify the benefits from beginning to end, and help other stakeholders see how they would benefit from your proposal, product or service.

We support the value proposition by investigating where cost (human and financial) occurs and where it can be eliminated, or moved to another part of the pathway with a higher impact.


Regulatory Approval

Life sciences QA/RA has been a key aspect of our work throughout. We have a team of 50 experts that cover the UK, the EU, Canada and the US. Our team members follow our overall mission of helping others learn while they innovate, so expect our team to help you define, refine and implement a regulatory strategy that leads to approval first time, while strengthening your knowledge and capability within the space.

We support the regulatory processes by evaluating and advising on the most cost effective ways to ensuring quality within a regulatory framework.

Spread and Adoption

Scale Up

From finding you a dream team to ramping up or expanding nationally or globally, we assist with cultural matching, skills, and experience assessment. Our team of specialists is spread across the world. We can even provide short-term experts to help you when you have a time-bound project-related activity. Our international experience working with startups gives us a unique perspective on timings, sequencing, priorities, and activities to get your new service or product adopted and into daily use.

We support you with spread and adoption from end to end. Whether scaling from idea to dream team, early production to full, or local to global scope, we have the support teams you need.

Eligibility criteria

We work with any health and care provider – from specialist acute hospitals (private or public) ┬áto local practices and community groups. We can scale for larger projects very quickly.