SmartCarbon is a business committed to helping originations make progress in their journey to Net-Zero.

We do this through:

  • Training and awareness raising – this includes everything from climate reality training to raise employee awareness and  IEMA endorsed advanced carbon accounting  run with Northumbria University. The aim is to empower clients to take action and sustain momentum.
  • SmartCarbon Calculator – our flagship carbon calculator is used across several sectors but especially in healthcare where it has been part of award winning carbon reduction and engagement projects. There are several optional modules such as a supply chain dashboard and the imminent launch of a net zero planning tool.
  • Consultancy – we provide consultancy packages to suit every project and organisation. As with our training our ambition is to empower clients to take action and equip them with the know-how to sustain their journey.

We are working with over 15 NHS Trusts throughout the UK and many NHS suppliers.

Services we offer

  • Carbon Calculator
  • Net Zero Planning
  • Carbon reduction consultancy PPN 06/21
  • Carbon accountant training
  • Climate awareness training

Support we offer

We support organisations reduce their carbon equivalent emissions to support their own ambitions and the requirements of customers. Our expertise includes SECR reporting and developing carbon reduction plans in line with PPN 06/21.

Using our award winning SmartCarbon Platform we can help you measure and report and reduce the carbon, enabling you to provide a stronger business case to new clients or investors.

We can provide support through our Carbon Accounting Training and consultancy to help you embed sustainability and meet client requirements.