Resonant Consulting stands at the forefront of the AI revolution in the UK, established with a vision to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into the health and sciences sector. Founded in January 2023, our firm is a beacon of innovation, blending the rigour of traditional management consulting with the dynamic capabilities of AI. We are driven by a mission to not just adapt to the evolving technological landscape but to lead it, guided by our core values of Excellence, Innovation, Generosity, Collaboration, and Compassion.

Our suite of services is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the health and sciences sector. AI Integration Assessment forms the cornerstone of our offerings, providing organisations with a strategic roadmap to embed AI into their existing systems effectively. This service is complemented by our AI Education and Training programmes, which demystify AI concepts and equip teams with hands-on skills, ensuring organisations are not just AI-ready but AI-advanced.

In the realm of AI Maturity Optimisation & Transformation, we excel in navigating organisations through the intricacies of the Microsoft AI Maturity Model. This service is tailored to foster a culture that is not only data-driven but also ethically aligned and innovation-focused. Our AI-Driven Management Consulting solutions merge the analytical prowess of AI with the strategic acumen of traditional consulting, enabling organisations to uncover inefficiencies, strategise with AI-enhanced solutions, and implement changes that yield tangible, lasting benefits.

At Resonant Consulting, our commitment extends beyond delivering solutions. We believe in forging enduring partnerships, where we walk alongside our clients in their AI journey. Our team, a blend of seasoned consultants and AI experts, is dedicated to ensuring that each organisation we partner with is not only prepared to meet the challenges of today’s digital world but is also poised to capitalise on tomorrow’s opportunities.

In essence, Resonant Consulting is more than a consultancy; we are a catalyst for change in the AI domain. We are dedicated to reshaping how the health and sciences sector interacts with technology, ensuring our clients are at the vanguard of innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Services we offer

  • AI Integration Assessment: This service showcases our strength in providing strategic guidance for AI implementation. We offer a detailed road map for integrating AI into existing systems, highlighting both immediate and future opportunities, a key deliverable that sets our organisation apart.
  • Tailored AI Education and Training Programmes: Our customised training programmes demonstrate our commitment to upskilling teams in the health and sciences sector. This service not only imparts essential AI knowledge but also ensures practical, hands-on experience, distinguishing our approach to workforce empowerment.
  • AI Maturity Optimisation & Transformation: Specialising in the Microsoft AI Maturity Model, this service underscores our methodological support in AI adoption. We provide comprehensive assessments, strategy development, and cultural transformation guidance, crucial for organisations aiming to evolve their AI capabilities systematically.
  • AI-Driven Management Consulting: Combining AI technology with traditional consulting, this service highlights our unique approach to diagnosing and solving organisational inefficiencies. Our ability to formulate and implement AI-enhanced strategies is a key strength that delivers transformative results for our clients
  • Bespoke AI Solutions Development: Reflecting our capability in innovation, this service involves creating custom AI solutions tailored to specific organisational challenges and objectives. This offering not only demonstrates our technical and creative expertise but also our commitment to delivering personalised, effective AI applications.

Support we offer

In an era where the future is increasingly generalist, the versatility and expansiveness of AI applications cannot be overstated. At Resonant Consulting, we have deliberately chosen a broad array of pathway categories to align with this future. We understand that AI’s potential touches every segment of healthcare, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and improvement. Our diverse range of services is a testament to our commitment to being at the forefront of this evolution, providing comprehensive AI integration solutions across all facets of healthcare. We aspire to be your go-to partner for all AI-related service deliveries, helping you navigate and harness the full spectrum of AI’s capabilities to transform healthcare outcomes.

1. Idea Assessment

  • Basic Research: We provide AI-driven data analysis and insights to support foundational research, helping organisations identify viable AI applications in healthcare.
  • Market Analysis: Our team conducts in-depth market research using advanced AI tools, enabling organisations to understand and navigate the healthcare market landscape effectively.
  • Ideas & IP: We offer strategic advice on intellectual property management, focusing on the protection and development of AI innovations.
  • Expert Feedback: Utilising our AI expertise, we provide comprehensive feedback, guiding organisations in refining their AI strategies and projects.
  • Culture: We advise on creating an AI-ready culture within organisations, ensuring a smooth integration of AI technologies.
  • Unmet Needs: Our services include identifying and addressing unmet needs in healthcare, tailoring AI solutions to meet these specific challenges.

2. Idea Development

  • Value Proposition: We assist organisations in clearly defining and enhancing the value proposition of their AI-driven solutions, focusing on their unique benefits in healthcare.
  • Patient and Public Involvement: We emphasise the importance of engaging patients and the public in the development process, ensuring AI solutions are user-centric and meet real-world healthcare needs.
  • Prototype: Our team supports the development and testing of AI prototypes, ensuring they are functional, effective, and ready for further development.
  • Sustainability: We provide guidance on sustainable AI development practices, focusing on long-term impact and environmental considerations.

3. Evaluation

  • Real World Validation: We specialise in validating AI solutions in real-world healthcare settings, ensuring their effectiveness and practical applicability.
  • Health Economics: Our team analyses the economic impact and cost-effectiveness of AI solutions in healthcare, providing organisations with crucial insights for decision-making.

4. Commercialisation

  • Business Case: We assist organisations in developing compelling business cases for AI projects, highlighting potential ROI and alignment with broader goals.
  • Market Access: Our team creates strategies for successful market access, focusing on the unique positioning of AI solutions in the competitive healthcare market.

5. Spread and Adoption

  • Scale Up: We provide strategies on effectively scaling AI solutions for wider adoption, focusing on adaptability and sustainability.
  • National Spread: Our team develops strategies for the national dissemination of AI innovations, ensuring they reach a broad audience and have a significant impact.
  • International Spread: We plan for the global expansion of AI solutions, adapting strategies to different market dynamics and cultural contexts.
  • Regional Adoption: We tailor AI adoption strategies to meet specific regional needs and characteristics, ensuring effective and efficient implementation.


Resonant Consulting is committed to supporting organisations at every stage of AI integration in the health and sciences sector. Our tailored approach ensures that each organisation we partner with is equipped to navigate the complexities of AI implementation, from ideation to global adoption, effectively and sustainably.

Eligibility criteria

At Resonant Consulting, a UK-based enterprise specialising in AI integration and management consultancy, we are keen to contribute to the Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria (HI NENC) Innovation Pathway. Our unique approach, which amalgamates traditional management consultancy with the transformative potential of AI, aligns seamlessly with the Pathway’s ambition to drive innovative healthcare solutions.

  1. Expertise in AI Integration: Our AI Integration Assessment service is adept at identifying and embedding AI within existing IT infrastructures, particularly relevant to healthcare organisations. We are positioned to assess, advise, and create a strategic roadmap for AI integration in healthcare settings, ensuring these entities are prepared for immediate enhancements and future progress.
  2. Bespoke AI Education and Training: Through our comprehensive training programmes, we are prepared to simplify AI complexities for healthcare professionals, providing practical training and strategies for sustained AI adoption. This complements the Pathway’s objective of cultivating AI proficiency within the NHS and related sectors.
  3. AI Maturity Optimisation & Transformation: Our proficiency with the Microsoft AI Maturity Model equips us uniquely to steer healthcare organisations through a digital metamorphosis, elevating their AI readiness and innovative capacities. This service dovetails with the Pathway’s goal of propelling healthcare through digital excellence.
  4. AI-Driven Management Consultancy: Our acumen in developing AI-enhanced strategies and facilitating their execution is pivotal for healthcare organisations aiming to augment efficiency and patient outcomes. Our method combines traditional consultancy with AI technology, positioning us as an ideal collaborator for healthcare entities on the cusp of digital transformation.

At Resonant Consulting, we are dedicated to being more than just solution providers; we aspire to be true partners. Our venture into the healthcare sector via the Innovation Pathway represents a natural progression of our capabilities, promising to bring a fresh, data-driven perspective to healthcare innovation.