Quiddity Health exists to support and accelerate digital health companies globally to enter and scale within the UK healthcare ecosystem.

We connect innovators with the ecosystem in ways that provide most value to stakeholders.

To date, we have supported over 50 innovators and have key partnerships forged with HIN’s, Regulatory, Legal, VC’s, ICB’s, PCN’s and Local Authorities, in addition to various private market connections. We have attained over £2 million in start up revenue, generated over 2,500 opportunities and have closed deals in excess of £500,000. We do this through providing fractional or fully outsourced commercial resource, with a proved track record of market engagement, opportunity generation and deal closure.

Services we offer

  • Commercial Support
  • Market Engagement
  • Go to Market
  • Strategy

Support we offer

Quiddity Health provide support to global digital health companies looking to enter the UK market. We specialise in commercialisation of solutions, delivering:

  • Market Analysis/Expert Feedback/Unmet Needs – We conduct a thorough product/solution review which enables us to accurately reflect how receptive the market(s) is based on a number of key factors including value proposition, key priorities (NHS Core20PLUS5 for example), competition and more
  • Value Proposition – We support you in developing a value proposition that stacks up to market expectation and need. What problem are you solving, for who, and to what value to which end user?
  • Patient/Public involvement – We are partnered with key patient advocate experts and organisations
  • Evaluation/regulatory – We are partnered with Health Economic and regulatory experts, including academia, ORCHA and 8Fold Governance
  • Commercialisation – Our fundamental expertise sits within accelerating digital health solutions into the UK market. This includes an evaluation of your business case, procurement frameworks, and optimal route to market based on various factors relevant to your specific solution
  • Spread and Adoption – Once a solid business case is formed, and early adopters have engaged, scaling your solution is critical to the commercial sustainability of your solution and business. We have a network and database of over 30,000 contacts, specialising in who to engage, at what point with what messaging.


Eligibility criteria

Any digital health company with a focus on the UK market.