Demonstrate the value of your innovation

We work with you to develop bespoke and creative solutions that address your challenges. Our team have a reputation for innovative modelling approaches and technical excellence. Our models are clinically appropriate and scientifically robust. We have expertise across HEOR and are engaged with the scientific research community, including HTAi, ISPOR, and academia.

Our team translate complex healthcare decision-problems, to deliver models that are transparent, user-friendly, and fit-for-purpose. Our experience spans pharmaceuticals, gene therapies, medical devices, and healthcare service delivery across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Services we offer

  • Health Economic Modelling to inform Cost-Effectiveness and Budget Impact
  • Value Dossier Development to support reimbursement and commissioning
  • Retrospective and prospective studies to generate supporting Real World Evidence
  • Systematic Literature Review to inform meta-analyses and NMAs, in accordance with recommended guidelines
  • Regulatory and HTA submissions (e.g., preparing for NICE)

Support we offer

Our team have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge across established and novel HEOR methodologies. We are research pioneers and passionate about working with you to inform the most impactful study to meet your needs.

  • Health economic modelling: We work with you to conceptualize your decision problem to inform the most appropriate approach to demonstrating the value proposition of your treatment
  • Retrospective and prospective studies: We design studies, recruit investigators, lead study operations, manage data, conduct analyses and reporting
  • Qualitative surveys: We design qualitative and mixed methods research studies to generate evidence from individual interviews and focus groups
  • Quantitative surveys: We are experienced in quantitative surveys, including: utility studies (e.g. TTO), preference studies (e.g. DCE), expert elicitation, Delphi panels and focus groups
  • Systematic literature reviews: We conduct reviews to inform meta-analyses and NMAs, in accordance with recommended guidelines
  • Global value dossier development: We inform strategy to support reimbursement and commissioning of your innovation
  • HTA and regulatory submissions: We provide bespoke HTA and regulatory support in collaboration with our network of partners

Eligibility criteria

Let’s start the conversation

Start with the end in sight

  1. First, think broadly about what value your product brings
  2. Next, assess what evidence will support that value (unique value or ‘me too’?)
  3. Outline specific steps along the product development process, and assign tasks with deadlines for project partners

Involve the cross-sectional team and relevant stakeholders

  • It is important to align on the roles and responsibilities early in the product development process
  • Planning tools can help to organize steps, timelines and task owners

Continually assess changing evidence needs

  • Being agile is essential when considering an evolving competitor landscape, payer perspectives, product development, etc.
  • An evidence plan continues to evolve following launch – keep assessing your evidence needs to be responsive to environment changes