Newcastle College – NCG Group


NCG’s mission is to ‘enable social mobility and economic prosperity through exceptional education’ and we exist to create life-changing opportunities for individuals that strengthen the prosperity of their local communities. NCG is comprised of:

The Health, Science and Welfare Faculty within Newcastle College is the largest curriculum area with 3474 enrolments in the past academic year. The curriculum is shaped and designed to ensure the skills gaps within the Northeast are significantly reduced and each learner has a gateway to employment.

In most programmes Learners will be exposed to real working environments to prepare them for the Health & Care sector using state of the art technology.  This is in the form of an immersive suite designed to replicate pre hospital, clinical and social care environments which uses pre recorded interactive scenarios, allowing students to be immersed in a simulated situation. These resources will prepare students for the modern day pressures working within the Health & Social Care industry, using the latest VR and AI technology. To support this and other Health and Care scenarios there is currently a significant investment in updated and state of the Sim Man 3G. This investment is made alongside a SimCapture system which can be used to evaluate scenarios for further training. This will be situated in the 6 bedded simulated hospital ward and will be used as part of the practical skills development sessions, preparing students for real life emergency situations.

As well as resources Newcastle College has representation on the Collaborative Newcastle panel where new ideas and projects are being developed in relation to working across services within Newcastle to provide the best opportunities for students across the City and beyond as the future workforce of the NHS and more.

Newcastle College also has strong employer links across the region working closely with each sector to ensure students receive the most up to date and knowledge to prepare them for industry.