At Mtech Access we work in partnerships with our clients to deliver high-quality work that is tailored to their commercial strategy, whilst meeting the needs of patients and the healthcare environment.

Our team are passionate about what they do and love to work with clients to find the best solutions to their challenges. We carefully construct our project teams to provide the right balance of technical expertise, strategic consultancy and senior oversight, and pride ourselves on our first-class project management. Our services are informed and validated by our panel of more than 90 NHS Associates and our global network of payers, healthcare professionals and local market experts.

We are proud of our collaborative, nurturing environment, where we encourage growth, celebrate success and care for each other. We are an ethical company and act with impartiality and integrity towards everyone we encounter in our working lives. We are known for our high standards, for expert-led work that is exemplary and credible, and for being agile, proactive and innovative.

Key areas of expertise include: Global market access and pricing strategy; Global value proposition development / global value dossiers; European market access and reimbursement; Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analysis; Health economic modelling and evaluation; HEOR strategy and support; Health technology assessment (HTA) support (pre-submission, submission development and post-submission); Interactive value communication tools and budget impact models; Stakeholder and healthcare system insights; NHS updates and education

We provide strategy and solutions to NHS Organisations and Pharma and Medtech companies, to ensure that medical interventions and innovations are available to the patients who need them, whilst meeting the needs of the healthcare environment.

Services we offer

  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Research & Interpretation
  • UK Market Access & Customer Engagement
  • Stakeholder & Clinical Pathway Mapping
  • Creative Thinking & Bespoke Solutions

Support we offer

Idea Assessment

Basic Research:

  • Secondary Desk Based Research and Analysis
  • Quantitative & Qualitative analysis
  • Systematic and non-systematic literature reviews

Market Analysis & Unmet Need:

  • Market landscape and opportunity assessment
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Pathway mapping and analysis
  • Situation analysis
  • Policy analysis & alignment

Expert Feedback:

  • Primary research with relevant stakeholders and experts: Advisory boards, workshops, 1:1 interviews

Idea Development

Value Proposition:

  • Value proposition development, validation and communication


Clinical trials & Evidence Generation:

  • Clinical evidence generation strategy & planning

Real World Validation:

  • Analysis of real-world evidence

Health Economics:

  • Health economic modelling including cost-effectiveness analyses, budget impact models and clinic capacity models.
  • Data analytics
  • Statistics
  • Evidence generation strategy & planning
  • Capacity planning & modelling

Regulatory Approval:

  • Support with NICE & HTA submissions
  • Regulatory/technology landscape appraisals


Business Case:

  • Business case development and validation

Market Access:

  • Broad market access expertise from strategy to implementation

Spread & Adoption

Scale Up:

  • Support with transformation, service redesign development and implementation
  • Support with policy development

National Spread & Regional Adoption:

  • Customer communication tools
  • Marketing materials
  • Market leading in-house digital capabilities.
  • Creation of bespoke digital tools & platforms

International Spread:

  • Global market access strategy development
  • Global access insight