Hannah Campbell


Innovation is essential in driving any organisation forward. But innovation is not just about the big, ground-breaking ideas – small incremental improvements to a current way of working are as important. Indeed, WHO defines health innovation as ‘a new or improved solution with the transformative ability to accelerate positive health impact’; and IBM states that ‘any developments, simple or complex, that lead to improvements in health outcomes and patient experiences are healthcare innovations.’

ImproveWell recognises that those on the front-line are best-placed to understand the challenges faced everyday and to develop solutions. From micro improvements to breakthrough redesign, they are natural innovators.

ImproveWell drives innovation by providing a platform for the frontline to submit ideas for innovation and improvement 24/7. It creates a space to discuss or refine innovation ideas collaboratively, and keeps everyone up to date with progress and implementation.  From simple time- or cost-saving solutions to the large-scale evolution of a service or the implementation of a new technology to deliver better clinical care, now everyone can take part in innovation.

The award-winning solution is grounded in three principles:

  • those at the frontline are best-placed to improve the systems around them;
  • giving staff a voice and the agency to find solutions to the challenges they face is fundamental to building a collaborative, motivated and resilient workforce;
  • and a happier workforce leads to better patient outcomes.

Developed in partnership with healthcare organisations, ImproveWell’s evidence-based feedback systems offer a platform for people to drive innovation, together. 24/7 everyone can:

  • suggest ideas for improvement;
  • share how their workday is going;
  • and complete tailored pulse surveys.

Insights from wider stakeholder groups can also be gathered via a customisable online portal.  An intelligent data dashboard helps group and organisational leads to capture real-time data, track workforce sentiment, prioritise quality innovation efforts, measure change and publish reports to complete the feedback loop.

Services we offer

  • Staff engagement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Real time feedback
  • Idea management
  • Quality improvement

Support we offer

ImproveWell creates the right environment for workforce wellbeing and a culture of innovation in health and care organisations. ImproveWell operates on a SaaS annual licence, tiered based on the size of the target workforce.

Its main features include:

– Idea Hub: gather ideas for improvement, discuss or refine collaboratively, and keep everyone up to date with progress and implementation.

– Sentiment Tracker: boost morale and wellbeing at work with real-time insights, by asking colleagues how their workday is going.

– Pulse Surveys: understand what matters and see where improvements are needed with swift and straightforward survey creation.

– ImproveWell Insights: capture real-time feedback from expert patients, regular service users or partner organisations via a customisable online portal.

– Data Dashboards: detect trends and pressure points, prioritise improvement efforts, measure change and publish reports to close the feedback loop.

– Continuous Coaching: Customer Success Team provide ongoing consultation, with specialist insight, workshops, training, support materials and more.

– Community of Improvers: collaborate with similar organisations in the ImproveWell network and benefit from aggregated data insights.

ImproveWell has been designed specifically for a clinical setting, and the user interface has been created with simplicity in mind. Just three, simple-to-use functions ensure ease of use and widespread adoption. No tech for tech’s sake, only tech to facilitate change. ImproveWell is available via web accessible application and mobile application, making it easily accessible for all clinical and non-clinical staff.

The solution is designed to be used at a team and enterprise level and is scalable to be used across organisations of all sizes. We have facilitated implementations to organisations from <200 staff members to >10,000. The solution can be on a service level, trust wide or system basis.

The result is:

  1. Improved staff experience and culture – a happier, more motivated workforce leads to higher staff satisfaction, lower sickness absence rates, and reduced staff turnover.
  2. Improved quality – by leveraging frontline insights and innovation, organisations enhance patient experience, achieve better outcomes, and reduce the number of errors or instances of unsafe care.
  3. Operational efficiencies – optimising the use of scarce resources results in increased throughput, reduced duplication of efforts, and improved efficiency.
  4. Cost savings – improved financial performance results in lower spending on agency staff, reduced costs (both in terms of staff hours saved and waste reduction), and avoidance of unnecessary expenses.

Eligibility criteria

ImproveWell is the leading purpose-built real-time feedback solution for improvement in health and care. It’s neither a pure ‘wellbeing’ platform nor a pure ‘innovation management’ platform, rather ImproveWell is a holistic solution that enables organisations to engage the workforce and drive continuous improvement at scale through simple yet powerful real-time feedback mechanisms.

Designed by healthcare for healthcare, it fosters a ground-up, participatory approach to improvement and change, harnessing simple technology to drive scalable innovation. As a workforce solution, the ImproveWell platform has been co-developed with frontline staff from leading healthcare organisations. The tool is evidence-based, building on learnings from the NHS and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Framework for Improving Joy in Work, and incorporates features developed alongside over 50 NHS and 10 US partner organisations.

As well as creating a continuous feedback loop with the workforce, the ImproveWell solution enables organisations to tap into wider stakeholder groups such as expert patients or partner organisations. Ultimately, ImproveWell:

  • gives everyone a voice by fostering a culture that enables the frontline to feel heard and be involved in designing better teams, workplaces and care delivery.
  • captures real-time insight, 24/7 by enabling everyone to feed back anytime, anywhere. ImproveWell helps you understand what really matters to teams and the wider community and access continuous learning on what is and isn’t working through a constant touchpoint with the workforce, service users, partner organisations and other key stakeholders.
  • helps build the foundations for a positive workforce experience by supporting the core work needs of autonomy, belonging, contribution and fostering a culture that enables staff to feel heard and be involved in designing better teams, workplaces and care.
  • promotes inclusion in your culture of improvement by championing multi-disciplinary alliance. Regardless of role all or background, everyone, from the ward to the board, can get involved in improving the workplace and service delivery.

South West Academic Health Science Network published an independent evaluation of the use of the ImproveWell application at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. The report showed that ImproveWell is an effective tool to empower staff to make positive changes that benefit staff morale and culture, create resource efficiencies and improve patient safety and experience. The key findings are summarised below:

  • Boosting morale and engagement: 75% of staff using ImproveWell reported feeling able to improve their area of work compared to the 53% scored by the Trust as a whole.
  • Giving staff a stronger voice: 85% of users of ImproveWell felt it empowered them to implement ideas for change.
  • Helping to prioritise improvement initiatives: staff have reported that improvements and changes were implemented at a quicker rate than before ImproveWell. Through ImproveWell, ideas get recognised and actioned.
  • Positively affecting patient safety and experience, efficiencies and cost savings: the ideas suggested by staff have improved patient safety, increased efficiency, released more time for patient care, and have made significant financial savings for the Trust.