County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust are one of the largest integrated care providers in England.  Our 7,000 staff serve a population of around 650,000.  We are an an ambitious and innovative organisation, who are committed to providing safe, compassionate and joined up care to the populations of County Durham and Darlington.  Our Patients Matter Strategy has four strategic aims, to provide the best outcomes, best experience, best efficiency and be the best employer.

Research and Innovation is at the heart of all that we do, we actively encourage our teams to be creative, to improve the care that we deliver.  As such, there is a dedicated Centre for Clinical Research and Innovation at Darlington Memorial Hospital.  The Centre includes Out Patient facilities (and also a four bedded unit for extended visits), office space and conferencing facilities.   There is a well established proactive research and innovation team with a track record of working in partnership with patients, staff, universities, businesses and innovators to turn ideas into reality.

We fully support the Health and Life Science pledge to share learning and good practices with fellow stakeholders to help continuously improve and enhance the Health and Life Sciences Ecosystem. This will ultimately meet the strategic aims of supporting reduction in health inequalities, improve and increase investment and promote economic growth.

Services we offer

  • Centre for Clinical Research and Innovation
  • Clinical expertise and engagement
  • Track record of delivering research and innovation
  • Collaborative working
  • Expanding team, upscaling to meet need

Support we offer

We are delighted to work with stakeholders to provide a platform for innovation to flourish.  There is a dedicated team comprising of; Director of Research and Innovation, Associate Director Corporate Medical, Research and Innovation Manager, Clinical Trials Pharmacist, Innovation and Research Facilitators together with our Team Leads and wider Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professional delivery colleagues. The team are able to provide both regulatory knowledge and expertise, and hands on support. This includes making and developing those connections between academia, innovators, business and clinicians to co-design solutions for unmet needs.

Eligibility criteria

We welcome collaborations across all sectors.


Whilst County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust are unable to provide grants to external partners, we would very much support joint grant applications.