Clinical Measurement Section, Medical Physics – South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is an acute hospital Trust serving the patients of Teesside and North Yorkshire. The Clinical Measurement Section are part of the Medical Physics Department within the Trust and our HCPC registered clinical scientists work alongside other clinicians to help aid the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of illness. Providing a range of high quality clinical, scientific and technical support to many different areas of the hospital, centred around physiological measurement and medical physics. Alongside our HCPC registered clinical scientists, the team comprises of clinical technologists, who help to provide technical solutions to complex clinical problems by utilising their engineering knowledge and skills, and healthcare science assistants, who provide support to our clinical scientists and clinical technologists.

As scientists and engineers, we are heavily involved within the development and prototyping phases. Utilising our skills and background in electronic, mechanical and software engineering. We design, build and test an array of different devices for use clinically, in research projects and to demonstrate brand new innovative ideas to commercial partners, universities and patient and public groups. We are involved in the development and testing of devices, improvements in the way services are delivered, and continuous quality improvement processes.

Services we offer

  • Engineering
  • Modelling, computing & validation
  • Diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Evaluation/Review